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We are pleased to present and offer to you our Crux Acoustics product range. The products are made for modular acoustics room construction.

We are looking forward for you contacting us.
Our offer consists/includes more products and services:

  • Acoustical flat absorber panels for installing to the walls, ceilings…
  • Acoustic corner absorber (Bass trap)
  • Pads for speakers
  • Specifically developed diffusers, universal for any room, made from lightweight materials (for armstrong ceiling), middle weight and heavyweight materials (wood)
  • Special QDIF (1D) and 2D Diffusers
  • Room calculation and arhitecture
  • Product advice
  • Mounting services
  • many more…


Write an email to us at info@crux-acoustics.si. We’re going to answer as fast as we can.

For information calculation of offer, room calculation, or any other advice write an email. State as many information or requirements about your place as you can. We’re going to answer as fast as we can.

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