Flat trap, Flat Absorber

Acoustic panels enable acoustic arrangement and noise reduction in rooms by means of sound absorption. They are important in case of flat surfaces when sound is reflected in all directions, which causes anomalies in sound. Simple installation on walls, ceilings and in corners enables us to make the room an ear-friendly environment. They can be mounted in control rooms, recording studios, loud rooms, radio studios, lecture rooms, halls, classrooms and other types of rooms. Having a nice outward appearance and installation options, the panel will ensure a pleasant atmosphere and add some colour to the room.

Panels are made of various materials, such as absorbent substances, acoustic fabrics, various linings, and colour coated perforated steel frame providing the panel with a rough appearance, at the same time integrating various materials together and making installation simple.

All Crux Acoustics products are entirely made in Slovenia from materials provided by Slovenian suppliers.



Prodckt: AP1

Dimension: 605x1205x105 (BxHxD)

Features: Straight, flat, perforated, absorber

Frequency response: 50Hz-20kHz

Weight: 17,5 kg

Colour: Black

Installation: Simple, with screws, on straight wall

Packing: Foil, Cardboard


Price: –,–€

For Priceliset info write e-mail at info@crux-acoustics.si


Crux Acoustics AP1 and AP2 acoustic panels are common versions with standard external dimensions and enhanced perforation for increased sound absorption. They can be installed on vertical or horizontal walls (ceiling) and in corners.

This panel helps alleviate sound anomalies occurring due to reflection, and noise that might arise, increased or decreased amplitude of a certain frequency, phase delay time, etc. The room will therefore be more comfortable to stay in, listen to music, there will be less noise and reflections known as echoes, etc.



These panels can be used in all types of rooms where acoustics needs to be regulated. They are suitable for: control studios, vocal recording studios, instrument recording studios, radio studios, loud rooms, music listening rooms, lecture rooms, halls, classrooms, libraries, etc.



The panels are made of the following materials: galvanised steel sheet for the frame, various fabrics and “filters”, and acoustic materials, all of them harmless to health.

All Crux Acoustics products are entirely made in Slovenia from materials provided by Slovenian suppliers.



The standard colours is black. However, when placing a pre-order, all colours from the RAL chart are available. Colours can be either shiny or matt.

The panels are painted with a special electrostatic coating that is baked on the steel, thus having much higher resistance to moisture, heat and scratching.




To install panels on the wall, L-type screws and wall plugs have to be used.

To install panels on the ceiling, J-type screws and joining plates have to be used.s4s6

The installation is simple. First transfer the measurements from the plan to the wall, then drill holes, insert wall plugs and tighten L-type screws. Then hung the panel. It is best to position it approximately 10 cm away from the wall, and the arrangement has to be calculated with regard to the room and reflections, except for the cases when the maximum amount of panels will be used, and the layout is therefore slightly different.

When placing an order, please submit the information where the panels will be installed (on the wall or the ceiling).


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