QRD Diffuser (quadratic residue diffuser)

Acoustic panels enable acoustic arrangement and noise reduction in rooms by means of sound absorption. Simple installation in corners enables us to make the room an ear-friendly environment. They can be mounted in control rooms, recording studios, loud rooms, radio studios, lecture rooms, halls, classrooms and other types of rooms. Having a nice outward appearance and installation options, the panel will ensure a pleasant atmosphere and add some colour to the room.

Panels are made of various materials, such as absorbent substances, acoustic fabrics, various felts and colour coated perforated steel frame, providing the panel with a rough appearance, at the same time integrating various materials together and making installation simple.

All Crux Acoustics products are entirely made in Slovenia from materials provided by Slovenian suppliers.


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Product: QDIF2

Dimensions: 605x605x200 (BxHxD)

Features: Straight, flat, perforated, diffuser, absorber

Frequency response: Sound diffusion 950Hz-4850Hz, absorption from 50Hz-20kHz

Weight: 12,5 kg

Colour: Black

Installation: Simple, with screws, on straight walls, floor placement, putting one on another, construction

Package: Foil, Carton


Price: –,–€

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