For even more favourable purchase, we created a packages which are containing our offer, based on All-In-One system.  These packages are offered to for lower and favorable prices, as well they are ajusted to your rooms and wishes.

Therefore, we arrange your rooms to entirely acoustically arranged rooms.


Studio set 1


Product: STUDIO SET 1

Room dinesion [mm]: 4000x3000x2500

Content: 6x Flat Absorber AP1, 2x Corner

Absorber AP3, 6x Mounting material MP1, 2x Mouting material MP3

Weight: 160 kg

Colour: Black (Standard)

Installation: 2x AP1 Front wall, 2xAP1 Left wall, 2x AP1 Right wall, 2x AP3 Front corners

Packing: Foil, Cardboard


Price: –,–€

Savings: –,–€

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